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Why Use The LAX App

The Lax App includes both video and written tools to help facilitate and complement Coach, Player and Umpire development provide a toolkit that gives volunteers, with or without lacrosse experience, the confidence to be involved, with the objective of creating more and higher quality coaching and umpiring, a more skilled player base, and more opportunities to play.

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Why Has The LAX App Been Developed?

To provide new lacrosse regions and countries with resources to help players, coaches and umpire develop, while supporting schools and clubs with establishing the sport.

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Who Should The LAX App Be Used By

What's Included in it

The Lax App gives you access to lot’s of valuable Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse drills, with diagrams and videos, along with practice plans, stick tricks, and umpiring tests and resources. It can be used on any device, from your computer, to tablet, to mobile phone, where you can save to the home screen quickly and easily. Filters make it easy to find the resources you’re after with the ability to sort by skill level, age, game type, and even the skills you want to teach or learn. While coaches of all levels will benefit from The Lax App resources, its most valuable to part-time coaches who balance the demands of school, full-time employment and parenthood.

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Written Resources

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Video Resources

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How Can You Contribute

We’d love our lacrosse community to help us to continue to build the resources The Lax App offers developing regions and countries, so if you’re keen, here’s how you can help:

Do you know a great drill that’s not already available? Add it to the Drills section of the app for approval, including your name so you receive the recognition for your input.

Help us inspire players to learn new skills and tricks by uploading your own stick trick video for approval and receive name recognition for sharing your skills!

If you create a practice plan you deem worth sharing with us, we’d love you to submit it for approval. The better resources we can supply to our coaches, the higher the quality of lacrosse in our regions and countries!

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